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Mövenpick Bali


한껏 즐거운 객실

레스토랑 & 바

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저희는 맛있고 신선한 요리, 풍성한 간식, 오직 뫼벤픽만이 드릴 수 있는 미식을 정성을 다하여 풍성하게 제공함으로써 고객의 진정한 만족이 제대로 완성된다고 믿습니다.

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뫼벤픽에서 좋은 삶을 즐겨보세요. 화창한 수영장에서 즐기는 스파 시간, 활력을 주는 운동, 몰입형 문화 체험에 이르는 다양한 기회에 여러분을 초대합니다.

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실용 정보

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: 5.0 on 5"
11/08/2022 From Tripadvisor
Best hotel for family

Hotel is extremely beautiful with almost all the amenities you may want from a resort . Very well maintained with staff who are always more then happy to help you out.
 Our daughter loved every minute of staying at the Kids Club. All staff were super friendly and went above and beyond. Most of all, the hospitality is top of everything I stated above, especially for Alfi (Guest Service Manager), he is very helpful, it was almost like he knew we were going to need something. Over all it was a great time and can’t wait to go back. Thank you for making our trip very memorable. Recommended!

: 1.0 on 5"
30/07/2022 From Tripadvisor
Terrible Experience at Movenpick Jimbaran

We are nearing the end of our seven day stay and I feel compelled to share my experience which unfortunately was not a pleasant one. On our 3rd night we visited the restaurant with our son who has a severe tree nut allergy. The restaurant notes the allergens present in every meal on their menu so having checked the menu we ordered the ice cream. Our son ate it and soon after started to experience signs of a reaction. As he also ate the same ice cream earlier in our stay with no issue we did not immediately link his symptoms to the food. His symptoms became progressively worse but we were still not sure what had caused it. Becoming increasingly worried, I asked to speak to the General Manager to explain and requested an ingredients list. It took over 3 hours (2am in the morning) before the hotel was able to provide me with the ingredients list which confirmed the wafer served with the ice cream contained cashews as a direct ingredient. The following day after returning from the hospital and once my son was ok, I again asked to speak to General Manager of the hotel. A different person came to see me from the night before (still not the GM) and I explained the situation and my extreme disappointment with the hotel. He asked if we had disclosed the allergy to the restaurant staff, which I advised we had. He offered a weak apology and asked “is there anything we can do, like check the food more closely when you come to the restaurant”. Seriously?? This is the minimum I’d expect! I asked that as a matter of urgency the menus be removed and fixed to correctly disclose the nut allergen to ensure this doesn’t happen again. I explained that my son and others have life threatening allergies and the hotel has a responsibility to ensure the information they are providing is accurate. He said OK. 3 days later, the same menus are still there. The ice cream dish (and lava cake, which also does not declare a nut allergen) continue to be served with the wafer containing cashews. I’m absolutely appalled at the negligent behaviour of the hotel and hope that after seeing this comment they might take some action. At the same time, any guests with serious allergies dining at the hotel beware.

: 5.0 on 5"
29/07/2022 From Tripadvisor
We really enjoyed every minute

Our stay in this hotel was great!!! From the beginning to the end. Nice staff that is really willing to help when needed, a delicious breakfast, clean room, everything was well maintained. We really enjoyed every minute. Thankyou so much! 🙏🏼❤️

: 5.0 on 5"
25/07/2022 From Tripadvisor
Had the best stay experience !

We had a very clean, big, and pretty room The view is breathtaking, super homey They provided a lot of amenities Great hospitality, very kind and helpful staff Not to mention the super tasty breakfast Will be back in the future!

: 5.0 on 5"
23/07/2022 From Tripadvisor
Fantastic stay in Bali.

We have had an amazing stay at Movenpick hotel. Everything has been first class especially the staff and the facilities, not to mention the beautiful rooms. All our meals have been delicious. We requested a private tour of some Bali highlights and had a fantastic afternoon with Kedak seeing the GWK, Padang Padang Beach and the Uluwatu temple. A wonderful holiday!

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