Sharing thoughts and best practices

Today, all businesses are operating in a complex network of partners and suppliers and, in order to become more sustainable, we need to work together and develop smart solutions that e.g. reduce the environmental impact. What is good for the environment - is usually also making business good sense. Smart companies understand this and put those issues on top of their agenda.

For Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts it is our objective to run our operation as sustainable as ever possible and limit our impact on the environment. We do this best by working closely with our customers, employees and other stakeholders. We also want to support the communities where we are present. As an employer we want to create a climate of trust where our employees can come to work with pride. To care for our customers and, develop long lasting relationships with our clients. Learn more about our Global Sustainability Process

Most Green Globe certified hotel company in the world - Brochure

The meaning of sustainability

 Find out more about the meaning of sustainability.

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Wooden key cards

We're using wooden key cards instead of plastic ones.

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Sharing best practices

What can your company do towards sustainability?

Our experience is that when people share the same knowledge, it is rather easy to change together. So we developed some simple tools that helped us to focus together on the most essential aspects of sustainability. As it worked so well for us and as we share the responsibility for Mother Nature, we decided to share our tools with others.

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"Three things are necessary for a good cup of coffee: first of all coffee, second of all, coffee, and third, more coffee." - Alexandre Dumas

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