Mövenpick Hotel Al Khobar

Mövenpick Hotel Al Khobar is a responsible business unit committed to incorporating values and principles of sustainability excellence in all its operations. Certified and regularly re-certified by Green Globe for its dedication in making positive contributions to the community and the environment, the hotel continuously implements a number of sustainable initiatives with the goal of positively influencing tomorrow and future generations.

The hotel recognises the increasing impact of water, energy, carbon and waste requirements in its business; therefore, it actively operates through the lens of sustainability. Conservation programmes such as environmental protection, waste management and recycling, reduction of water consumption through installation of low-flow fixtures and de-chlorination to irrigate trees, use of energy-efficient lighting, as well as linen and towel reuse options are rigorously undertaken.

The hotel also sources a great deal of food locally to reduce its carbon footprint. The hotel grows its own sprouts, and makes home-made jams and preserves that are served in its food outlets. This does not only ensure fresher food, but also provides an important investment in the local economy.

Various Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities are also conducted to support the local community in which it operates. Blood donation campaigns, food drives, charity works and donations are some of the practices that the hotel initiates.

Furthermore, sustainability awareness and regular training is provided for employees to better understand the philosophy behind “green business”, the goals the hotel is aiming for and how to achieve them.