Queen of spices honoured in innovative ‘Vanille Salée’ savoury menu from Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts

Swiss-based international high end hospitality group serves six surprising dishes exclusively at its European hotels this November.

Baar, 28 October 2016 – Traditionally used for desserts, vanilla produces exciting results when added to hearty savoury dishes: its mild flavour harmonises to surprising perfection with white meats and fish. Subtly reinforcing roasting aromas and herbal scents, vanilla also transforms tomatoes, beetroot and even onions with an unexpected touch of the exotic.

This taste experience in the form of six savoury vanilla creations can be discovered and enjoyed at all Mövenpick hotel restaurants throughout Europe in November.

Tempting first courses include a "Velouté d'onion blanc" soup, "Sashimi de thon et saumon" and "Salade de chèvre et figue". Amongst the main courses, there will be a choice of "Filet de sandre et endive belge", "Filet de veau jardinière" and "Poitrine de pintade Melba". These culinary vanilla creations have been concocted by Thomas Hollenstein, Director of Food & Beverage Europe. He explains what makes the combination so exciting: "Being used to combinations of vanilla with sugar, our palate is conditioned to expect something sweet: this new mix of flavours provides a pleasant surprise."

Bourbon vanilla
Fine Bourbon vanilla is used in all the dishes. The region of Veracruz on the Gulf of Mexico is regarded as the cradle of vanilla-growing. As long ago as the 14th century, the Aztecs enjoyed the fragrance of fermented orchid pods, but it was not until the 19th century that cuttings of vanilla spice arrived in Europe, in the botanical gardens of Paris. From there, they were transported to Madagascar and Réunion, then known as Île Bourbon – hence the name Bourbon vanilla. The French titles of the six dishes were chosen as a tribute to these origins.

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