Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts revives fresh flavours from the past with special Europe-wide menus.

Vegetables consigned to the side plates of history make a delicious comeback.

Once upon a time the humble vegetable was venerated in kitchens throughout Europe and celebrated in every form from potatoes and parsnips to salsifies and shallots.

However, tastes changed, and many of these culinary cornerstones were consigned to the side plates of history never to be heard from again.

Now Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts’ culinary experts are helping to spearhead a revival of these ‘forgotten vegetables’, rediscovering their potential to offer fresh flavours with a surprising twist.

For curious diners who have never tasted Muscat squash, black radish or knot root or can’t remember how good turnips, shallots and artichokes can be, the results are a revelation.

From October 19 to November 11 a unique variety of eight menu items featuring these lesser-known ingredients are being served in every Mövenpick Hotel & Resort in Europe.

These include such delights as venison with parsnips and shallot confit, pastry tart with salsify and goat’s cheese, pecorino cheese-filled pear with black radish and walnuts, fried pike-perch fillet with mustard butter and Jerusalem artichoke, chicken with turnips and knot root and ravioli with a Muscat squash filling.

“Vegetables such as parsnips and knot root used to form an enriching part of many people’s daily diet, but they became associated with poor man’s fare and were hardly used any more,” said Thomas Hollenstein, director of food & beverage for the European Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts. “Now these vegetables are enjoying a renaissance among creative chefs because they are bursting with taste, full of healthy nutrients and perfect for boosting the immune system during the autumn. We are delighted to share these flavours with a wider audience and we are certain people will be pleasantly surprised.”

For diners who are keen to linger longer over this imaginative dining experience, Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts is offering an attractive Taste Arrangement that includes an overnight stay, a three-course menu with wine and an exclusive recipe collectors box. The price per person starts from 60 Euro in Germany, from 96 Euro in the Netherlands and 105 CHF in Switzerland.

The new menu reinforces Mövenpick’s international reputation for culinary excellence and innovation as well as its Green Globe commitment to sustainable, regional cuisine using locally resourced ingredients.

Restaurant reservations or Taste Arrangement bookings can be made online at www.movenpick.com/taste, via phone or by simply visiting any Mövenpick hotel in Europe.