Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts is serving up a fusion of flavours with its new California dreamin’ menu

Hotel and resort locations worldwide to offer inspired culinary creations this March

Paris, February 6, 2019: Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts is bringing the tastes and flavours of the U.S. West Coast to the rest of the world with an exclusive new California-inspired menu. Celebrating the fusion of sunshine and seasonal fare, the brand’s global food and beverage campaign, California dreamin’, pays homage to some of the original chefs that put California’s restaurant scene on the map. The limited-time menu will be available for lunch and dinner at all Mövenpick locations around the world throughout the month of March 2019.

“California’s food scene has had a profound impact on global food trends over the past 50 years,” said Thomas Hollenstein, Food & Beverage Director, Europe, Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts. “Our California dreamin’ campaign pays tribute to some of the chefs who were instrumental in turning the world’s palates toward fresh, organic produce and mixing cultural influences from Latin America, Asia and Europe to create exciting flavours and occasions to enjoy and appreciate all there is to love about food.”

California cuisine first caught favour back in the early ‘70s when pioneering chef Alice Waters opened her restaurant Chez Panisse. It quickly became known for its use of organic and locally grown ingredients and ever since entrepreneurial California chefs have never shied away from mixing unexpected combinations of ingredients and food styles, while making the most of the abundant sun-kissed produce for which the state is known.

Mövenpick itself began as a restaurant in Zürich, seven decades ago. Culinary innovation and unique moments of sharing food set the brand apart, with delicious programs such as Chocolate Hour every day in hotel lobbies, and its own house-made food and drink products that share the delights of Swiss cuisine, such as coffee, chocolate, yoghurt, smoked salmon and preserves.

Mövenpick’s California dreamin’ à la carte menu features seven dishes of classic California fusion cuisine. Seafood, fruit, vegetables and fresh herbs figure prominently in a medley of bold flavours, surprising combinations and unpretentious style. Guests and visitors can choose their favourite dishes from the following delicious selections:

  • Crab cakes: Freshly-caught local stone crabs are a menu staple in the Santa Barbara region. Accompanied by a spicy Asian remoulade and crisp salad, these crunchy crab bites are an ideal first course or a tasty protein-rich snack, California style.
  • Flowered tuna: Anyone who has visited the American Riviera will have fallen in love – with the sea, the mountains and of course, the Pacific coastline’s irresistible culinary specialties. Fresh tuna garnished with flowers, vegetables and orange relish might just be love at first sight, or rather, bite?
  • Beef carpaccio formaggi: The cows of Santa Rita Hills are famed for producing outstanding organic beef. Mövenpick’s version of the classic carpaccio combines the multicultural influences of Californian cuisine with Mediterranean charm, featuring cow, goat and sheep cheese, tomatoes and olive tapenade.
  • Label Rouge salmon: The Golden State’s Farmers Markets are legendary for their wonderful varieties of freshly-harvested vegetables. Mövenpick mixes a colourful bouquet of baby vegetables in refreshing lemon vinaigrette to complement glazed salmon, lightly cooked in olive oil.
  • Lemon Guinea fowl: Guests may be familiar with the sweet lemons of the Italian Amalfi coast, but they might not know California remains ahead of Italy on the list of top 10 citrus-growing countries. Naturally, Mövenpick’s spin on classic lemon chicken features a zesty Californian twist.
  • Oven-roasted rack of lamb: California proudly supports its passionate farmers who are committed to animal welfare in order to sustainably and naturally produce the best quality meat possible. Mövenpick’s lamb is crusted with fresh herbs, roasted to a delicate pink and paired with boldly flavoured bush beans.
  • Vegan lemon & avocado cheesecake: Every October, Carpinteria’s Avocado Festival attracts tens of thousands of foodies. They flock to the oceanside city to sample creative avocado delights, from guacamole and avocado beer to sweet desserts such as this vegan cheesecake with lemon and avocado curd.

For more information on Mövenpick’s California dreamin’ menu, available throughout March 2019, please visit: movenpick.com/California.

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