Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts adds five unique cruisers on the River Nile.

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With the addition of King Farouk’s historic yacht “Misr”, the “Feddya” - a redefinition of the traditional ‘dahabeya’ - and the long cruise vessel “Hamees”, Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts is now the largest international cruise operator on the Nile.

Cairo (Egypt), 13 November 2012: Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts is thrilled to announce new options for travellers wishing to explore the magical River Nile in Egypt. Adding five new Nile cruisers to its fleet; SS Misr, once the royal yacht of Egypt’s former King Farouk, the boutique luxury sail boat Mövenpick SB Feddya, the long cruise vessel Mövenpick MS Hamees, as well as the Mövenpick MS Darakum and Mövenpick MS Sunray, the Swiss hotel company is now the largest international operator on Egypt’s River Nile with a total of eight boats.

Roger Kacou, senior vice president for Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts in Africa said: “I am delighted with this development that is providing more choices to our guests. With the historical SS Misr, the romantic appeal of the SB Feddya, the unique MS Prince Abbas on Lake Nasser and the return of the ‘long cruise’ aboard MS Hamees, we are now offering an unrivalled wealth of variety and options for visitors to Egypt.”

Misr – a floating time capsule

The SS Misr is undeniably the fleet’s flagship and is the only internationally managed steamship in Egypt. Built in the United Kingdom nearly 100 years ago, SS Misr is a ‘floating time capsule’ from the reign of King Farouk who converted it to his private yacht in 1938 and used it especially for his birthday celebrations.
SS Misr features artefacts reflecting the period such as phonographs, telephones and radio sets plus letters from the king to his mother. The gleaming brass, chrome and wood of the lovingly maintained steam engine room, with original spare parts are another major attraction for passengers during their on-board tour of this fascinating and historic vessel.
SS Misr’s stunning décor faithfully recreates classic iconic eras for each of its 24 individually-designed suites. 18th century France is reflected in the Louis XV and XVI rooms. Other suites reflect 1930s’ art deco, a 19th century English country house or the grandeur of the Ottoman Empire.
Royal cuisine is a true experience onboard SS Misr, with a selection of dishes from King Farouk’s favourite menus served by staff dressed in the style of his reign. Restaurants and bars include the graceful upper deck Marasem where gourmet dishes are served on crystal and bone china.
As the riverbanks and captivating landscape slip by between the cities of Luxor and Aswan, SS Misr and sister ship Mövenpick SB Feddya enhance the atmosphere of mystique and romance that add to the exploration of Egypt’s Pharaonic heritage.

SB Feddya  - a heaven of luxury

Mövenpick SB Feddya redefines the ‘dahabeya’, the traditional Egyptian sailing boat, with a fresh and unique concept. Despite being the smallest dahabeya on the Nile, Mövenpick SB Feddya has vastly more space for passengers than a traditional craft.
Four uniquely-designed suites each have a private patio or balcony. The exclusivity is highlighted by chefs who will create whichever dishes passengers desire. SB Feddya is the only Nile sailing boat with 24 hour butler and laundry service for each suite. It is available for charter as well as individual bookings.
‘Feddya’ means ‘silver’ in Arabic, which is reflected in a distinctive décor of stainless steel and silver. Suites include satellite LCD TV, air conditioning, private bathrooms and tea and coffee-making facilities. The dining room, lounge, sun decks and Jacuzzi add to the on-board experience of a private world of exclusive refinement.

The long awaited “long journey“

Available again after a gap of 18 years, a long cruise voyage is back on the Nile when Mövenpick MS Hamees embarks on the journey between Cairo, Luxor and Aswan as of April 2013.
The journey takes 14 nights, with over 80 hours’ sailing between Cairo and Aswan, with a further 12 hours between some destinations up-river to Luxor. During this time guests can soak in the scenery of the river banks complete with a constantly changing vista of Egyptian rural life and wildlife.

The long cruise unlocks a unique route to less familiar monuments and temples from Egypt’s ancient past that include the Hawara Pyramids of Amenemhet III, the mausoleum of Isadora and the unique Tel Elamarna, Akhenaton’s ‘Royal City’ which he briefly made Egypt’s capital.

Mövenpick MS Hamees is one of the largest and most sumptuously appointed vessels on the Nile. While aboard, guests can enjoy cocktail parties, shows, treasure hunts and dinner events.

The contemporary design of the Mövenpick MS Hamees cabins includes two twin beds or a king-size bed, private bathroom with bath tub, hair dryer, mini-bar, satellite LCD TV, internal telephone, controlled air conditioning, safe deposit box and internet through USB modem.

On-board facilities include a swimming pool on the sun deck with recreation and bar, reading and play rooms, a large restaurant and lounge, bar, gift shop and a clinic to add to the guests’ care and comfort.

The SS Misr, Mövenpick SB Feddya, Mövenpick MS Hamees, Mövenpick MS Dakarum and Mövenpick MS Sun Ray now fly the Mövenpick flag alongside the existing Mövenpick MS Royal Lotus, Mövenpick MS Royal Lily and Lake Nasser cruiser Mövenpick MS Prince Abbas, to give Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts an unrivalled variety for travellers looking for that unique blend of Egyptian warmth and hospitality infused with Swiss service and heritage.

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