Another win for Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts’ ‘Natural Enjoyment’.

The upscale hotel company wins the ‘Innovation in Work Culture’ award at the 2014 Daman Corporate Health Awards.

The upscale hotel company wins the ‘Innovation in Work Culture’ award at the 2014 Daman Corporate Health Awards.

Dubai (United Arab Emirates), 13 November 2014. Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts’ has won a prestigious award for its service culture programme, based on the company’s brand promise of ‘Natural Enjoyment’. At the 2014 Daman Corporate Health Awards, it received the ‘Innovation in Work Culture’ award. The programme was previously honoured at the Worldwide Hospitality Awards for ‘Best Initiative in People and Talent Management’.

The Daman Corporate Health Awards recognise the best employers in the United Arab Emirates for their commitment and success in organisational wellness. For the ‘Innovation in Work Culture’ award, companies were shortlisted based on a submission document that detailed the way it has fostered and measured innovation from the grassroots, to improve employee performance and customer service. As part of the selection process, companies were required to demonstrate specifics on how everyday activities were redesigned and innovators recognised.

‘Natural Enjoyment’ is about delivering a personalised, relaxed and uncomplicated experience that makes guests happy. It amalgamated the current needs and perceptions of guests at the company’s hotels, with the unique heritage of the brand, yet allowing for cultural diversity and adaption at the same time.  

“Natural Enjoyment has encapsulated everything we want for our guests and our employees,” said Andreas Mattmüller, Chief Operating Officer of Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts, Middle East and Asia. “Through this programme we have given our work ethic an almost tangible element, which resonates through the company and even beyond in areas outside our hotels and resorts. The customer experience and the employee experience are clearly linked which is why this programme is so successful.”  

Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts was also a finalist for the ‘Communications Campaign of the Year’ award. Its ‘Go Healthy’ campaign highlighted the company’s nutritious menu which features tasty meals prepared with healthy ingredients. At its heart is also a genuine commitment to the environment and sustainable practices, as seasonal products are sourced from reliable quality suppliers.