“Weekend” – that sweet, sweet word we all love to hear, triggers images of leisure, pleasure and good times in our mind. Make the most of your weekend by booking our Go Weekend package and share some special memories with the people you love.

Get 30% off on your room rate, make yourself comfortable after checking in and start looking forward to the sumptuous breakfast buffet which is included. Since it is the weekend, we are also pleased to offer a late check-out until 4.00 pm.

Enjoy a weekend city break or a getaway to the beach. From Beirut to Bahrain, Dubai to the Dead Sea and Kuwait to Khobar, we have several inspiring weekend destinations in the Middle East.

Go Weekend package includes:

  • 30% off on your accommodation
  • Breakfast buffet
  • Late checkout at 4.00 pm

From USD 170 per night

From BHD 45.50 per night

From AED 425 per night

From AED 420 per night

From AED 539 per night

From SAR 511 per night

From SAR 510 per night

From SAR 1000 per night

From SAR 917 per night

From SAR 700 per night

From SAR 650 per night, breakfast included

From SAR 500 per night

From SAR 420 per night, breakfast included

From QAR 300 per night

From QAR 450 per night

From KWD 55 per night, breakfast included

From KWD 60 per night, breakfast included

Terms and conditions:

Rates for this promotion are non-refundable and valid on weekend nights. This offer is only available when booking on this website.