Mövenpick coffee in your hotel room

Take a moment and savour a cup of freshly brewed coffee in your hotel room. Choose from a selection of Mövenpick compatible capsules and make your own coffee with the Nespresso* machine at your disposal.

Where? In all hotel rooms in Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland** except in the Classic category.


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Mövenpick coffee stands for quality:


Mövenpick has always had an intimate relationship with the art of coffee making. In 1963, Mövenpick launched its first coffee to be enjoyed at home. It was made from pure Arabica beans and was marketed under the name “Der Himmlische” (“Heavenly”). This coffee became a global success due to its harmonious taste and rich aroma.

Now Mövenpick is going one step further, launching its coffee capsule range to bring the finest coffee beans, carefully selected from the best growing regions, to your Nespresso machine.

Mövenpick coffee stands for fair trade:

A high-quality cup of coffee can only be made using high-quality beans.  Mövenpick and its partners have a personal relationship with the coffee growers and make sure that the coffee is produced and traded under fair conditions. The raw beans go through a gentle process that preserves the natural aromas and the distinctive nuances of flavour.

Mövenpick is passionate about quality and indulging people with what they most enjoy. After all, it’s those small pleasures like a great cup of coffee that truly enrich our lives. Mövenpick invites you to experience these precious moments of pleasure and enjoyment - Mövenpick. Golden Moments.

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*Nespresso is a registered trademark owned by Société des Produits Nestlé S.A., Vevey

** Available in all our hotels in Switzerland except in Lausanne