Things to do in vibrant Dubai

Whether you are in Dubai for a stopover, business trip or extended holiday, the city has plenty of things to do. Shop in one of the many malls, see some of the historic sites in old Dubai, play a round of golf or embark on a deep sea fishing expedition. You can also see spectacular desert landscapes, visit a mosque, discover some art galleries, enjoy views from the world’s tallest tower, swim with dolphins or ski in the snow! 

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Sightseeing in Dubai

From famous Burj Khalifa and Dubai Downtown, to historic landmarks and the beautiful desert, see the emirate of Dubai by bus, helicopter or hot-air balloon.

Sport and activities in Dubai

Play a round of golf, book a deep sea fishing expedition, swim with dolphins, ski in the snow or rally on the tennis court. Dubai is a paradise for the actively-inclined.

Culture in Dubai

Discover Dubai's culture, learn about local traditions and get to grips with the extraordinary history of this dynamic city.


Shopping in Dubai

Wear your comfortable shoes for a day of retail therapy in one of Dubai's many malls, souks and outdoor shopping areas.