[u]bk membership packages

Gold savings at Urban Bar & Kitchen

This is one for the [u]bk fans! 

Sign up today to our membership programme that's sure to put a smile on your face and keep your wallet full. Your neighbourhood favourite bar is offering a membership package that offers a whole heap of rewards, making it worth every dirham. 

Guests can choose between two packages that provide members with up to AED 1,000 additional credit to be redeemed on a range of offers and promotions:

  • Basic package: AED 2000 – with AED 2600 credit redeemable across ubk’s F&B offers
  • Premium package: AED 3000 – with AED 4000 credit redeemable across ubk’s F&B offers

Packages are available for purchase at the restaurant and are valid until 31st December 2021. Credit is fully redeemable in conjunction with other discounts and promotions at ubk, which means absolutely no black out dates! 

With the potential to reap AED 1,000 worth of additional value, who says commitment doesn’t pay off!


  • Fully redeemable credit on food and beverage

from 2,000.00 AED Per package

Vouchers are issued at the restaurant and the outlet is not responsible for lost vouchers. Valid from date of purchase till December 2021. Prices are starting from and depend on the package of choice by the guest.