“Downtown Yanbu” is the real city where most people live – both foreigners and locals. This part could be described as old Yanbu, as it contains all the historical buildings, shopping centres and restaurants.

Yanbu Al-Nakheel, or “Palms Yanbu” is the oldest inhabited area of the city and contains mostly farms. Saudi farmers who grow dates are the only people living in this part.

Yanbu is a port city on the Red Sea coast of Western Saudi Arabia. There are plenty of family friendly attractions to explore. Guests can explore Yanbu beaches which are unique due to their soft sand and pure water, as well as providing a great underwater experience due to the variety of Marine life. For water lovers, yachting, a selection of water sports, and diving are available.

For guests who wish to explore outside Yanbu, there are plenty nearby cities and villages, such as Al-Suwaiq Village, and Sharm Yanbu

Dates from the farms in Yanbu