Things to do and see

Makkah is the holiest city on earth to Muslims. It is variously known as Makkah Al Mukarramah, Umm Al Qura ( the origin of the cities), Al-Balad Al- Ameen ( the secure city), and Al-Balad Al-Haram (the sacred city). It is the birthplace of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and part of the Quran was composed in the city.  When Muslims pray, they face towards Makkah and the Kaaba, a sacred granite building on a marble base within the Masjid Al Haram – the world’s largest mosque. 

Hajj and Umrah

Every year, an estimated 15 million Muslims make their way to Makkah – the most important city in Islamic faith.  While some attend to business matters, most visitors arrive to perform the Hajj and Umra pilgrimages, most notably during Ramadan and in the Islamic lunar month of Dhulhajj.

These spiritual journeys and especially the Hajj, which is one of the Five Pillars of Islam, incorporate a number of sites but essentially revolve around the Masjid Al Haram Mosque and the Kaaba, which is the most revered and holiest site in Islam. With its extraordinary position just steps from the Kaaba, the Mövenpick Hotel & Residences Hajar Tower Makkah is both a spiritually appropriate and popular choice for pilgrims to Makkah.

City Attractions

Jabal Al-Nour
The mountain where the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) received the first revelation from the archangel Jibreel.

Jabal Al-Thawr
The mountain where the cave in which Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his honorable companion Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq (PBUH) hid from the people of Makkah.

Zamzam well
A miracle arising from beneath the ground, within the Haram premises, it is the well that miraculously still generates water from thousands of years. It was discovered when Abraham's wife Hajar was desperately seeking water for her infant son back then Ismail( PBUH).
These sites, along with Mina, the Hill of Arafat, Muzdalifah and the Islamic Heritage Museum are all located within a 30-minute drive from the Mövenpick Hotel & Residences Hajar Tower Makkah.

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