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Failaka Island

Failaka Island is located twenty kilometers east of Kuwait City. It is one of the most beautiful and well-known islands in Kuwait. The island merges between ancient and modern history of Kuwait. Failaka Island is the habitat of Kuwait's most important archaeological site. The island carries history that dates back to the Bronze Age; Failaka Island was part of a maritime trade route in the Ptolemaic era and had a small Greek settlement. The remains of some temples can be found there today.

  • Ancient and modern history
  • Important archaeological site
  • History of Bronze age
  • Remains of some temples

Scientific Centre and Aquarium Kuwait

The Aquarium takes visitors on a tour of three different environments. All three sections provide specimens of animal, plant and marine life of that specific environment. The first is the desert section which contains animals such as caracal, snakes and hedgehog. The rest is the coastal edge, where you find animals such as penguins and coastal fish.

  • One of the biggest aquariums in the Middle East
  • Underground passages

National Museum of Kuwait

National Museum of Kuwait (KNM) was established in 1983 and contains a wide range of old objects including books, manuscripts, ceramics, metal, precious stones and jewelled objects, architectural ornaments, textiles and carpets and a lot more.

  • Huge library
  • Sophisticated planetarium
  • A wide range of antiquities

Kuwait - Towers

The first main tower is standing on a height of 187m above sea level and offers a wide array of signature restaurants, cafes and halls, this tower consists of the ground floor, main sphere and the viewing sphere. The middle tower is standing 147m above sea level, this tower maintains water supply to Kuwait Towers and the last and smallest tower is 113m above sea level, this long pointed electricity tower illuminates the entire towers and the surrounding.

  • A wide range of restaurants
  • Stunning views
  • A cultural icon

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