Go Healthy

Enjoy deliciously nutritious dishes in Petra

Go Healthy is an exciting, new way of indulging in deliciously nutritious dishes while helping to preserve and protect the environment. Living well and choosing sustainable environmental practices are the core values of our Go Healthy menu, as our chefs come together to create a delectable array of dishes using fresh, seasonal produce, carefully and responsibly sourced from local markets.

Fresh from the harvest and onto your plate, Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts ensures that you can easily and conveniently Go Healthy in your food choices.

At Mövenpick Resort Petra, everything from bread, milk and vegetables to fruit, eggs and spices, is locally sourced thereby reducing the hotel’s carbon footprint. The Go Healthy ingredients for the hotel’s famous assorted Arabic mezze are produced in house.

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  • Menu available in all outlets as well as special buffet dishes

Healthy menu optionsAvailable on order from room service