Oriental Thursdays and Culinary Richness

Savour the richness and unique dining experience of Arabian taste from our wide array of sumptuous choices and palatable dishes.  Our Oriental Thursday themed buffet of lavish food selection gives you authentic Middle Eastern cravings and delectable satisfaction in captivating Jordanian dining setting.

from 24.00 JOD per person

Happy Hour in Mello and Baraka

Unwind and relax after a busy day at work and treat your friends or colleagues out with discounted drinks during the happy hour offer at Mello Bar or Baraka Lobby Lounge. Come and enjoy the beautiful Red Sea  sunset of Aqaba.

The happy hour promotion is available every day on selected local drinks and beverages.

from 5.75 JOD Rate is subject to service charge and sales tax.

Go Healthy

Indulge in healthy options of Go Healthy dishes, an exciting food concept of sustainable dining which includes healthy and nutritious ingredients infused in our cuisines while protecting and preserving the environment.

Dishes are served every day of the week in Najel and Sejan restaurant during breakfast, lunch and dinner.

from 5.50 JOD per person