Restaurants Offers at Bahrain

Flaming Thursdays includes unlimited alcoholic cocktails, beer and wines only served at Silk's Restaurant. Call the party line at +973 17460017.

from 34.00 BD All rates are inclusive of 10% service charge, 5% government levy and 5% VAT.

Dive in and taste the freshest catch of the day. A selection of popular and traditional seafood dishes makes this an ideal night out for seafood lovers.

from 25.00 BD per person

Enjoy The Award-Winning Friday Brunch, happy moments of exquisite culinary delights and a pleasant atmosphere with live DJ entertainment.

from 38.00 BD per person

Celebrate New Year's Eve and the start of 2022 with a spectacular The Godfather party worthy of the Don himself, Vito Corleone, and enjoy movie-inspired dishes and impressive decorations!

from 59.00 BD per person

Celebrate Christmas joyful moments with us and enjoy exceptional dishes prepared by our chefs! 

from 34.00 BD per person