The King Fahd Causeway is one of the longest bridges in the world and a popular tourist attraction in the city of Al Khobar. It is built to link Saudi Arabia to Bahrain and improve the relationship between the two brotherly countries. The construction begun in 1981, after King Saud visited Bahrain in 1954 and wished for it to be built. It was completed in 5 years and was opened to the public in 1986. The causeway has a total of seven embankments of which the fourth is the biggest with 660,000 sq. m. total area. This is the boarder station where travelers can do a stop-over to eat, pray and rest. Some food outlets that are available are Mcdonalds and Kudu. There are also two Mosques for Muslims to say their prayer.

  • Popular tourist attraction in the city
  • 16-mile long, 4 lane road
  • Border station offers food outlets and Mosques