Explore the wonders of the sea world at

Fakieh Aquarium; the Fakieh Aquarium on Jeddah’s Corniche opened its doors to

enthusiastic visitors in the presence of the governor of the Makkah Province,

Prince Khalid Al-Faisal. It is home to more than 7,000 exotic sea creatures

from 200 species on display in 155 fish tanks.

The exhibits display to the

visitor what the underwater sea life typical to the Red Sea looks like, known

to be abundant in dazzling coral reef, The tunnel aquarium and another enormous

fish tank at Fakieh Aquarium contain the larger fish such as the tiger shark,

zebra shark, and groupers.

The dolphin show is very impressive, there are four

dolphins shows each day, these Dolphins are amazingly intelligent creatures and

they performed all sorts of tricks: jumping high, swimming backwards

vertically, thrusting their bodies upwards out of the water on command,

flipping, jumping through a hoop, and even waving their tales at the crowd.