Scheveningen beach:

  • Can be reached in 20 minutes by a direct bus connection or by car.
  • There is a wide variety of beach restaurants where you can order good food and refreshing drinks.
  • You can also enjoy live music at some of the restaurants on this wide beach at the North Sea.
  • In summer you can also catch a spectacular firework show in Scheveningen.
  • Comfortable beach chairs can be hired everywhere.

Kijkduin beach:

  • Kijkduin is a quiet family resort that lies within the dunes and the beach.
  • There is also a promenade with shops and a lookout tower.
  • Kijkduin is the smallest of the two Hague beach resorts.

Wassenaar beach:

  • The 8 km long beach of Wassenaar is relatively calm.
  • Has only a few facilities (only on the Wassenaarse Slag): 4 beach pavilions (april-sept.) and a cafĂ©-restaurant

The Wassenaar and Kijkduin beaches are also very close to the hotel approximately 12 km.

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