Boat trips on the Binnendiezen

Binnendieze is a small canal system that flows beneath the city center.

Because the city in the past hardly had space to expand space, in the course of time a large part of the Binnendieze  was overvaulted, ie overbuilt with houses. The streams are therefore less visible  in the townscape. This is in contrast to many other cities where the canals often run along the houses.

Watercourses had also previously the function of sewage. The rodent nuisance had to be restrained by rat catchers. Mid-20th century it was decided to mute the Binnendieze but because of the uniqueness the population opposed  successfully against it. In 1973 began the restoration of the city water system which was completed in 1998.

Many visitors are pleasantly surprised by this attractive waterway with its unique tranquility and beautiful bridge vaults. There are 5 different historical / cultural routes, including three tours and two walking tours / cruises.

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