Tunisia’s Roman Heritage at El Jem

A real must-see is undoubtedly the Roman Amphitheatre at El Jem, a mere one-hour drive from the Mövenpick Resort & Marine Spa Sousse.

El Jem is the ancient Roman city of Thysdrus. Like many other Roman cities, it was built on ancient Punic sites. Thysdrus was a major market town and stopover for trade routes from the South. Nowadays, El Jem is a quiet town and no monument tells of its glorious past like the Amphitheatre, which is undoubtedly the landmark site in this city.

Interesting sites include the amphitheatre with a capacity of 30,000 which is a UNESCO World Heritage sites since 1979. Close to the amphitheatre, you will find a small, yet interesting archaeological museum. It showcases a collection of various mosaics from ancient Roman villas in the region.

  • Tunisia’s Roman Heritage at El Jem
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