Wilhelma Stuttgart

With over 9,000 animal species, Wilhelma is one of the zoos with the most species, not just in Germany but worldwide. In addition there are some 7,000 species and varieties of plants in Wilhelma's botanical gardens.

The Wilhelma is easily reachable from Stuttgart International Airport with public transportation.

  • Wilhelma Stuttgart

Animals and plants

  • Bears
  • African hoofed animals
  • Elephants
  • Sea lions
  • Bonobos and gorillas
  • Tropical plants
  • Various species of palms

Opening hours
Please visit the website of Wilhelma, as the opening times vary from month to month.

Entrance fees / day tickets
Adults EUR 14,00
Children EUR 7,00
Family Ticket 1 EUR 21,00 (one parent with his/her own children)
Family Ticket 2 EUR 35,00 (Parents with their own children)