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Mövenpick Zurich Regensdorf

T&B The Home of Tartar & Burger

About this restaurant

A concept completely new and yet totally familiar. Made from the successes of the past - newly reinvented for the future. A restaurant that delights young and old, families, singles, lovers, meat lovers and vegans alike.

The idea of Uli Prager lives on in the T&B as it did in 1972 when the Mövenpick Hotel Regensdorf and the Mövenpick Hotel Glattburg were founded.

Why you’ll love it!


The best Swiss organic beef, freshly made, spiced with a decade old recipe - served with crispy toast. Vegan option is available as well.


Simple & juice burgers, your choice of beef or chicken, freshly minced every day and grilled to perfection. Served on a buns from the bakery. With Züri fries or sweet potato fries from the region. Vegan burgers are also available.

Ice Cream

We put a secret ingredient in everything we do. Care, purity, passion and joy all combine to form our Alpine Spirit: The way we take care the one that inspires us to passionately pick the right natural ingredients to craft every Mövenpick Ice Cream. Let’s enjoy Mövenpick Ice Cream one spoon at a time.

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