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Sightseeing in Geneva

Associated with humanitarian traditions and cosmopolitan flair, Geneva offers rich heritage, a beautiful old town, fascinating museums, famous shops, and stunning natural landscapes that include vistas of Lake Geneva and the Alps.

Palais des Nations

Make the most of your visit to Geneva by discovering the European headquarters of the United Nations, symbolising peace and freedom since 1938.

A place of diplomacy and resolution, the Palais des Nations annually welcomes 25,000 delegates from all over the world who travel to Geneva for international meetings. After New York, it is the most important destination for UN decision-making. Guided tours are offered on a daily basis.

  • European headquarters of the UN
  • A landmark of Geneva
  • Daily guided tours

Jet d'Eau, symbol of Geneva

Have you met Geneva's most famous star?

It all began many years ago when our ancestors used the river Rhône for the city's craftsmen. Nowadays and since its installation in 1891 near Eaux-Vives harbour, the Geneva Jet d'Eau fountain has been the city's most notable landmark and its show is a must-see. Admire the beauty of Geneva as 7,000 litres of water jets off into the air!

  • Water fountain of 140 metres high
  • Pumps 500 litres per second at 200 km/h
  • Beautifully lit at night
  • Situated where the Rhône meets Lake Geneva

The Flower Clock

Could a beautiful setting of flowers tell you what time it is?

In the city of precision watchmaking, it certainly could! In Geneva's Jardin Anglais, the Flower Clock has brought together many people since its creation in 1955. The picturesque botanical masterpiece with a diameter of five metres, features 6,500 flowers that change every season.

A testament to the city's watchmaking traditions, you will definitively be impressed by its accuracy, as the clock is connected to a satellite to be perfectly on time, all the time. At 2.5 metres long, its seconds-hand is also the longest in the world.

  • Diameter of 5 metres with 6,500 flowers
  • Time transmitted by satellite
  • Seconds-hand is 2.5 metres long

Geneva's Old Town

Walk around Geneva's Old Town and discover 2,000 years of history, as well as many art galleries, charming parks, majestic fountains, loads of antique shops, museums and famous restaurants.

  • Saint-Pierre Cathedral
  • Place du Bourg-de-Four city square
  • Birthplace of Jean-Jacques Rousseau


Built in the 18th century adjoining Geneva, the entire village of Carouge is listed in the Inventory of Swiss Heritage Sites. Feel the ambiance of its Sardinian roots by strolling along cobblestone streets, relaxing under its famous shaded terrace during summertime and discovering its charming shops.

When night falls, Carouge becomes lively with many trendy bars. Families and friends get together for a drink and a meal with outstanding local food and regional produce.

  • 18th Century Sardinian roots
  • Geneva's "dolce vita"
  • Meeting place for family and friends

CERN - The Globe of Science and Innovation

Accelerating science

Originally the "Palais de l'Equilibre" for the 2002 Swiss national exhibition, this wooden structure is presently the Globe of Science and Innovation at CERN. Measuring 27 metres high and 40 metres wide, the Globe showcases the world's largest and most complex scientific instruments to study the basic constituents of matter – the fundamental particles.

The Globe of Science and Innovation represents a gateway between science, culture, education and society, promoting the dissemination of scientific information among many audiences. At the permanent "Universe of Particles" exhibition, visitors experience a unique interactive adventure covering the technological and scientific achievements of the laboratory.

  • Wooden structure of 27 m x 40 m
  • Permanent "Universe of Particles" exhibition
  • A symbol of sustainable development

Bains District - fashionable contemporary art

Picture yourself in the Bains District, the epicentre of fashionable, contemporary art.

Since 2005, nine galleries and five cultural institutions located in the Bains District have become a platform for contemporary and modern art in Switzerland. Three times per year, communal opening nights allow visitors to enjoy a special artistic experience. The ambient bistros and bars add to this quarter's hip and trendy feel.

  • Contemporary art
  • Buzzing nightlife with trendy bars
  • Three communal opening nights per year


Enjoy a nice getaway from the city to admire beautiful panoramic views of Geneva and its surroundings.

Just a few minutes from the city of John Calvin, you will discover Geneva's ‘home mountain' which offers breathtaking views after a cable-car ride of just five minutes. There are also opportunities to enjoy sport activities such as hiking, paragliding, mountain biking and even cross-country skiing during the winter season.

  • Gateway to nature
  • Cable-car to an altitude of 1,100 m
  • Panoramic views of the area

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