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As a major shopping destination in Europe, Geneva is specialised in the finer things in life and luxury boutiques: stoll "la rue du Rhône" with top brand watchmakers right in the city centre or taste the finest Swiss chocolate.

Watches and jewels

Welcome to the heart of Swiss watchmaking.

The leading names in luxury watches can't wait to make you starry-eyed with fabulous designs and intricate details. From collectable classics to the latest must-haves, you'll be spoilt for choice.

  • Patek Philippe Museum
  • Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie
  • Geneva Watch Tour

Souvenirs and gifts

Whether you want to remember your visit to Geneva, or find the perfect souvenirs for family and friends, expect plenty of gift shops in the city.

From cuckoo clocks to cow bells, and snow globes to Swiss knives, here are some of the places you can find special mementoes:

  • Swiss Corner: Rue des Alpes 7
  • Victorinox: Rue du Marché 2
  • Alptitude: Rue des Alpes 9

Swiss Chocolate

Fancy a bit of chocolate? Geneva is a picturesque place to discover one on the country's national treasures.

Taste the finest Swiss chocolate brands and immerse yourself in an atmosphere of cocoa-dusted indulgence. There may be truth in ''the best way to avoid temptation, is to give in to it''…

  • Favarger Chocolate Factory
  • Day trip to Gruyère
  • Chocolaterie Settler

Luxury boutiques

You're in paradise when it comes to shopping!

Geneva is indisputably one of the world's luxury capitals. The biggest and most prestigious brands in fashion and jewellery have all set up shop in this captivating city – an enticing destination for a shopping spree.

  • Globus Department Store
  • Rue du Rhône
  • Rue Robert-Céard


While in Geneva, don't miss the numerous gourmet markets that offer an incredible variety of local products. Antique lovers will love the flea markets where one can stroll though the bustling streets to find the missing piece in a prized collection.

  • Plaine de Plainpalais (flea market)
  • Marché de la Fusterie (handicraft)
  • Marché de la Madeleine (clothes and books)

Discover Geneva

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