Carnival in Switzerland

Stunning costumes, colourful street parades and marching bands are what the carnivals in Switzerland are all about. Known as Fasnacht, the carnival season is celebrated everywhere in the country and festivities differ from one canton to the other.

Basle 19-21 February 2018:
The Basle Fasnacht celebrations are the country’s best-known and most extravagant. It starts early in the morning with the Morgenstraich, when the city wakes up to the sounds of flutes, drums and costumed marching bands.

Lucerne 8-13 February 2018:
The carnival in Lucerne kicks off on Schmutziger Donnerstag (Dirty Thursday) with the arrival of the Fritschi Family in a masked, costumed and musical street parade.

Berne 15-17 February 2018:
Fasnacht in Berne starts with a lot of drumming on the Thursday after Ash Wednesday. The louder the drumming the better, as the (symbolical) bear in the Prison Tower has to be woken up from his hibernation and released after being held captive for 111 days since 11 November.

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Carnival in Switzerland