Culture and museums in Frankfurt

Explore the best cultural sights and museums in Frankfurt.

Opera Frankfurt

The famous old opera house (Alte Oper) was built in 1880. One of the major opera houses in Germany until it was heavily damaged in World War II. Fortunately, due to public demand, it was finally fully reconstructed and reopened in 1981. The inscription on the frieze of the Old Opera says: "Dem Wahren, Schönen, Guten" ("To the true, the beautiful, the good").

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  • Beautiful building

An insight into the programme over the upcoming months:

  • Stéphanie D'Oustrac (Mezzosopran) & Pascal Jourdan (Piano) (26th of March 2019)
  • Edita Gruberová (Sopran) & Peter Valentovic (Piano) (23rd of April 2019)
  • Michael Porter (Tenor) & Axel Bauni (Piano) (07th of May 2019) 

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Senckenberg Museum

The Senckenberg Museum is one of the largest natural-history museums in Germany and exhibits the recent biodiversity of life and evolution of organisms, as well as the changes that have taken place to Planet Earth over millions of years.

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  • special exhibition: Coral Reefs- Endangered treasures of the oceans (08 June 2018 - End of 2019)

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Städel Museum

The Städel is one of the leading and most famous art museums in Germany. 700 years of European history are represented in a vast collection ranging from Rembrandt, Monet, Van Gogh to Matisse and Picasso.

Take a look at the temporary exhibitions as "Titian and the Renessance in Venice"fromFebruary 13th until May 26th, 2019 with more than a hundred masterpieces.

  • Picasso, Van Gogh, Rembrandt and much more
  • On the riverside of Frankfurt
  • Art museum
  • Exclusive exhibitions

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Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt

The Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt is an internationally renowned exhibition hall which cooperates closely with the world´s most famous museums. Discover numerous temporary exhibitions and works of art from different art periods.

The following exhibitions will take place over the coming months:

  • Djurberg - Berg (28th of February 2019 until 26th of May 2019)

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