At Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts we are looking for talented people with unique personalities to join our team. People with a passion for hospitality who share our Values. Use our search tool below to help you find your dream job and start your career!

The Benefits of Applying Online.

  • You create and manage your profile with a secure ID and password.
  • You can set up Search Agents based on your criteria that inform you immediately when positions of interest become available.
  • Your online application will be reviewed more efficiently by our team.  We can find you quicker!
  • Your application can be considered for multiple opportunities within our company worldwide.

Checklist for your Application

  • Motivation Letter expressing your expectations and drive
  • CV lining out relevant job experience and education
  • Reference Letters from former employers

Search for Openings

You can check all current career opportunities with Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts by simply clicking <<Search>>.  To find job openings that match your interests and experience, please choose the criteria or search for specific keywords.

Submit a General Application

If you wish to simply share your profile with us, without reference to a specific position, you can submit a general application. Register your documents by clicking on <<General application>> and follow the prompts to complete your profile. Your documents will be reviewed by our team and we will contact you should a matching position become available.

Setup a Search Agent

If you do not find a job matching your interest or expertise and would like to receive an email when relevant positions become vacant, follow these simple steps to set up a Search Agent:

•    Click on <<Search agent>> and enter your search criteria or keyword.
•    Complete the agent configuration details.
•    Hit <<Set agent>> to save your agent configuration