Our Culture

Our culture is people driven and customer centric, where we observe, listen to and respond to individual customer needs and wants. We attract - We lead - We offer.

Our vision

Our vision “we make moments” unifies us towards a common goal. Mövenpick is in the ‘moments’ business. We’re intimately involved in important times in our guests lives. And you never know when a moment can be made. A simple smile in the lobby can create the positivity that turns a business trip into a new business celebration. An insider tip on the best way to spend a day can make an entire holiday. A romantic dinner for two can lead to a longer term partnership…

It doesn’t take much to make a moment. Just to be genuine. And human. And warm. And take steps to do the ordinary in an extraordinary way.

We are always looking for opportunities to make a moment for our guests.

Values at Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts

Our values

Our values are the fibres that weave us together as a company. We embrace these values to shape our decisions and actions.

We believe in:

Quality - We are passionate about what we do. We continually strive to improve in order to achieve higher levels of excellence.

Reliability - We are accountable for our actions and deliver on our promises.

- We are devoted to nurturing genuine relationships with one another. We embrace our communities, the environment, our partners and guests.

With a personal touch..
Just like our guests, we are unique individuals. We make a difference by acting on our intuition and daring to be ourselves

Core behaviours

Our core behaviours are what we say and what we do. We recruit, develop and promote talent who embrace and live them.

Trust means to act with integrity and fairness and deliver on promises. Our people solve issues and make the right decisions.

Diversity is embraced and celebrated. Sustainable partnerships are established with our colleagues, communities and partners.

Entrepreneurship is about creativity, innovation and taking ownership. Our people add value by delivering, challenging and daring to be different.

Drive is to be solutions-focused and making things happen. It is about passion, pro-activeness, initiative and persistence.