Wellness holiday in Bangkok

Planning a medical and wellness holiday in Bangkok? Look no further! Our resort is directly connected to BDMS Wellness Clinic, one of the leading holistic services medical centres in region.

Continue to maintain your long term health at our in-house 24-hour fitness centre and the fully equipped fitness centre at BDMS Wellness Clinic. The choice is yours.

BDMS Wellness Clinic

BDMS Wellness Clinic's focuses on Preventive Medicine practices and personalised health programmes to promote a healthy life and longivity. A team of world-class physicians and professional multi-lingual staffs will ensure that your medical experience is effective yet effortless.

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Fitness Centre

Our fitness centre opens 24-hours and features state of the art fitness facilities and exercise equipment. Our guests also have the privilege to utilize the new Fitness Centre at BDMS Wellness Clinic, which is fully equipped with a suite of David Health Solution System machines that are designed to aid spine and orthopaedic recovery.