Sohum Spa

Wellness Facilities & Spa Treatments

Sohum Spa will deliver you to new levels of tranquility. You are guaranteed to emerge from this spa break feeling totally refreshed and revitalized from the gracious welcome through to the beautiful facilities and luxurious spa treatments.

At Sohum Spa we have integrated healing and wellness modalities from various streams of healing with relaxing and pampering experiences. Among this our prime focus is Ayurveda - the Indian traditional treatment system evolved among sages of ancient India over 5000 years ago. This ancient science focuses on establishing and maintaining the balance of energies within us, promoting harmony between the individual and nature which in turn promotes good health.

  • 2,500 sq ft Spa
  • 8 treatment rooms
  • Ayurveda therapies
  • Wet Rooms
  • Welcome Herbal Tea
  • Reflexology
  • Facial treatment rooms
  • Couple Therapy Rooms
  • Equipped Salon


In designing the Spa, the architects Koushik and Chandana have been inspired by the 1000 pillar hall in Madurai and the Kalamkari works. The Spa design concept has been taken from the 1000 pillar mandapa of the Meenakshi Temple in Madurai.

The ceiling murals in the main area of the Spa have the tree of life done by the famous Kalamkari painters from Machilipatnam. The work is done by a NGO that works to uplift village artisans.

The ancient temples of the south are associated with a “pradakshina” which leads the penitent believer to “moksha” The spa here is seen as a journey to comparable emancipation even if only a physical one through a series of treatments and experiences.

The entry is designed to be into such a “pradakshina” which leads the visitor to the different treatments spaces and experiences within the spa with the same colours feel and textures as might be felt in an ancient temple to an unknown god.

Opening Hours

08:00 to 22:00