Discover Chifeng and Inner Mongolia

Chifeng, an ancient and magical place, lures visitors with its combination of charm, culture, beautiful scenery and spectacular natural landscapes. Base yourself at Mövenpick Hotel & State Guest House Chifeng and explore this part of Inner Mongolia with its bountiful surprises.

A highlight of northern China, experience the diverse natural landscapes around Chifeng, including hot springs, deserts, stone forests and the world-famous grasslands of Inner Mongolia.

Wulan Butong Grassland

The icon of Chifeng

Wulan Butong Grassland is located in the Keshiketeng Banner, southwest of Chifeng. "Ulan Bu Tong" in Mongolian language, means “red altar-shape mountain”. Visit from July to September when the grasses are fully grown, to fully enjoy the incredible natural beauty of this area. You could also consider overnighting in a traditional Mongolian yurt for an authentic adventure with stargazing.

  • Best sightseeing from July to September
  • Travel time approximately 3 hours by car
  • Overnight stay in a traditional Mongolian yurt
  • Stargazing and incredible night skies

Asihatu Ice Stone Forest

Granite on the grassland

"Asihatu" in Mongolian language, means “steep rocks”. Visitors are often amazed by the unique landscape and giant granite stones carved by ancient natural forces such as wind and sand. Nicknames such as Moon Forest and Sworn Brothers have been given to some formations. The stone forest is situated in Keshiketeng Banner, southwest of Chifeng.

  • Historic glaciers
  • Travel time approximately 3 hours by car
  • Best time to visit from July to September
  • Carved by nature into unique formations
  • Near the grasslands

Jade Dragon Desert

Scenic lake surrounded by desert sands

Located in Wengniute Banner on the western side of Keerqin Sand Area, the Jade Dragon Desert is a top spot for eco-tourism.  Visitors can explore the scenic landscape when joining a 4x4 Jeep tour, or all-terrain vehicle excursion.

  • A national eco-tourism spot
  • Travel time approximately 1 hour by car
  • Best time to visit from June to October