Unravel the mysteries of Sousse and discover a wealth of activities and sights to see. Sometimes referred to as the "Pearl of the Sahel", Sousse is an astonishing city, where one simply cannot feel bored. Be it within Sousse or in the region, you will discover an important and modern, yet charmingly unspoilt destination.

Rediscover the pleasures of a leisurely walk in the Medina, on the seaside corniche, or barefoot on the sandy beaches.

Sports fans are also in for a treat. The resort boasts a water sports base and a gym, as well as other sports facilities such as beach volleyball or table tennis. Golf players enjoy the 18-hole golf course nearby.

Sousse’s cultural heritage materializes in its archaeological museum and catacombs from the Roman era, and also in its World Heritage Medina and Ribat. Around Sousse, major cultural landmarks such as El Jem or the Holy city of Kairouan are just an hour’s drive away.

There is so much more to discover, do, and see in Sousse. Follow the links below to read more about the perfect holiday.


  • Sousse Medina & Ribat

    Delve deeply into theTunisian culture by visiting the traditional assets of Sousse: the old city(Medina) and the Ribat from where the view on the city is wonderful.

    • Traditions
    • Typical architecture
    • Markets
    • Arabic Culture
  • Archaeological Sousse

    Make the most of yourstay to delve into the past of the region. Visit the Archaeological Museum andthe Catacombs to discover the Punic and Roman remaining of the city.

    • Catacombs
    • Archaeological wealth
    • Roman style
    • Roman & Punic Eras
  • El Jem

    An amphitheatreexceptionally well-preserved from the Roman Era and an archaeological museumdisplaying Roman mosaics.

    • Mosaic
    • Amphitheatre
    • Roman Era
    • Close to hotel
  • Kairouan

    Discover thisincredible city which all Tunisians are proud of for its spirituality and itsholiness.  

    • Mosaic
    • Amphitheatre
    • Roman Era
    • Close to hotel