Things to do in Sfax

Sfax is one of Tunisia's major commercial centers and the country's second largest city. Although it doesn't have the sandy attractions of other Tunisian towns, Sfax is ripe for sightseeing and is a great place to take in local Tunisian culture, with a beautiful walled medina area in notably good condition to explore with Thyna archaeological site. It's also a good base for day trips. If you're looking for things to do, the unique architecture of Matmata is easily reached from here, as well as the idyllic Kerkennah Islands with its picturesque and charming port and the Roman glory of El Djem.


First built in 1306, the mammoth main gateway (known as Bab Diwan) into the medina is one of Sfax's most prominent points of interest with its well-preserved circuit of walls.

The original mud brick walls were made by the Aghlabids in the 9th century and were strongly fortified in the 12th century. Enjoy the local traditional souks atmosphere with a unique shopping experience, then discover The kasbah (an official fortified residence that we found in all North African towns) at the southwest corner of the walls was added in the 17th century. Sfax’s Kasbah is a monument flanked by two towers and an artillery bastion dating from the 16th-century, the area particularly houses the Museum of Traditional Architecture that most visitors looking to dive into the traditional Tunisian culture and history will like. visiting Grande Mosque is the perfect way to discover more, not just about Islam in general, but about how it unfolds within Sfax.

  • Ancient souks shopping
  • Sfax Kasbah Museum
  • Great Mosque

Folk Museum (Dar Jellouli)

It is housed in Dar Jellouli, a two-story 18th-century mansion that once belonged to a wealthy Andalusian family. It has a beautiful inner courtyard, surrounded by horseshoe arches, and a delicately carved door and window frames of Gabès stone. The exhibits inside cover the scope of Tunisian artistry, with a wide range of everyday objects, wooden furniture, traditional costumes, jewelry, and Arab calligraphy.

Sfax Archaeological Museum

Archaeological Museum, holds exhibits of Punic, Roman, and Byzantine antiquities. It is well worth a visit for the mosaic collection alone, with mosaics from the nearby excavation sites of Thaenae (Thyna), Taparura, and La Skhira.