Manso Bar & Lounge

Marrakech | Avenue Mohammed VI, Hivernage | 40000  Marrakech | Morocco
+212 (0)524 33 91 00 |


Socialise under the star filled sky

Delve into Al Mansour Eddahbi’s passion for time and astronomy on our rooftop Manso Bar & Lounge. Explore the intriguing nucleus of the oasis, Manso (a diminutive for Al Mansour) hosts an armillary sphere as well as a gorgeous sandglass which will be the axis of a daily ritual honouring the shifting of time creating a charming and atmospheric setting.

Enjoy a marvellous sunset, watch as the moon illuminates the beautiful swimming pool below and mingle under the mesmerising starry sky. Open to both hotel guests and the public, Manso Bar & Lounge serves a variety of curated cocktails in a lively and sociable atmosphere.

Key Features

  • Rooftop lounge and bar
  • Oasis garden views
  • Astronomy features
  • Opulent artistic structures
  • Curated Cocktails

Contact Details

+212 (0)524 33 91 00

Opening hours

6.00 pm to midnight