Dahbi restaurant

Marrakech | Avenue Mohammed VI, Hivernage | 40000  Marrakech | Morocco
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  • Dahbi restaurant


Moroccan cuisine at its finest

Dahbi finds its roots in Al Mansour’s noble surname: Eddahbi. Our Moroccan restaurant offers lovely garden views featuring rose, jasmine and olive trees. Inspired by the vivid hues of the Medina, this is a perfect setting to enjoy classic Moroccan cuisine, along with authentic and modern desserts.

In a daily tradition, our chef suggests a Moroccan dish inspired by the life of Al Mansour, followed by the story. Guests can also choose to relax while enjoying a chicha (shisha) of their choice on the garden terrace or enjoy the fresh atmosphere with splendid stitched leather walls and a vibrant, modern interpretation of moucharaby (mashrabiya) expressed through violet panels.



Key Features

  • Moroccan culinary experience
  • Vivid hues of the Medina
  • Extensive garden with jasmine and olive trees
  • Arab architecture and stitched leather walls
  • Modern moucharaby violet panels

Contact details

+212 (0)524 33 91 00

Opening hours

7.00 pm – 11.30 pm