Tea Time at Nozha

Enjoy the traditional Tea Time at Nozha in Marrakech

Nozha Tea Time carries on the elegant tradition of Tea-Time every day from 4pm to 6pm at Nozha Coffee & Take away.  Make a reservation at our "Salon de Thé" and discover why the afternoon tea is about a lot more than just tea. We will take you on a journey unlike any other; a sequence of warm bienvenues, mouthwatering treats and smile-worthy moments.  You can choose between 2 options: High Tea or Mansour Eddahbi. High Tea :


  • Smoked salmon finger sandwich
  • Mini cupcake
  • Fresh fruit mini tartlet


Mansour Eddahbi :


  • Briouates with minced meat
  • Cheese cigar
  • Moroccan pastry
  • and much more ...


  • Buffet of sweets
  • One hot drink

from 220.00 Dh per person

Offer applicable everyday from 4pm to 6pm. All reservations are subject to availability and will be valid only after written confirmation from the restaurant.