Kids dish with mozarella

Bocconcini mozzarella and organic cherry skewers with super light rice crackers for “in between”.

Curry cat

Curry-Cat is our kitchen caterpillar who carries curry flavoured whole meal toast bread and cucumber with him.

Dragon fruit salad

Dragon fruit golf ball salad, accompanied by a shrimp caddy and with a birdie raspberry dressing to toss.

Kids ninja menu

A real ninja lunch is made of edamame beans, cucumber sword, quail egg, cheddar cheese, grilled chicken breast, maki roll, organic rice crackers and strawberry cream cheese.

Kids menu with carrots

Afternoon healthy maze with farmer’s carrots, celery, organic flour crostini and Swiss cheese sticks next to a tempting rose-island pool.

Baked macaroni for kids

Kids dish with chicken and spinach

Char grilled breast of cornfed chicken, fresh green spinach cake and crispy carrot crisps.

Pasta kids menu

Homemade tagliolini served in super slow motion cooked chicken broth, enhanced with grandma’s garden vegetables.