Banana smoothie

Monkeys much is a simple but very yummy banana smoothie enhanced with the best bees-honey selected from grown flowers.

Popping lollipops

Popping lollipops are low fat cream cheese balls coated with naturally dried apricots and delicious pistachios which have been harvested by the Bedouins.

Pancake with pineapple

Jet-set fluffy buttermilk pancake carpet with pineapple crisps, and fresh grilled pineapple.

Fruit sushi with coconut

Mouthwatering seasonal fruit sushi delights with coconut milk served with organic chocolate dip.

Ricotta with fresh berries

“Between the sheets” is a vanilla flavoured organic milk ricotta cheese cake, surrounded by fresh berries.

Fruits and chocolate fondue

Cake lollipops with the freshest naturally tempting fruits and sugar free chocolate fondue.