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Bird watching in Aqaba

Jordan serves as a natural bridge for birds migrating between their breeding areas in Europe and Asia, and their winter quarters in Africa.

There is a spectacular spring migration of raptors through Jordan, including Buzzard, Honey Buzzard, Steppe Eagle and Levant Sparrow Hawk. In autumn, the southward migration for thousands of Steppe Eagles begins.

The Aqaba Birds Observatory (ABO) attracts large numbers of migratory birds, such as the Levant Sparrow Hawk during spring time. The region is considered as a bottleneck for migratory birds of all kinds, such as Waders, Raptors and Passerines.

Experience the amazing bird migration with this unique package.


Package price: JD 7++/person.


  • The hotel shuttle bus takes you to the Birds Observatory (15 mins to the Visitors Centre)
  • At the Visitors Centre: receive a briefing and then collect your binoculars
  • 45 minute tour to the sanctuary
  • Observation: watch migratory birds and Arabian desert birds’ unique types, such as Arabian Warblers, Arabian Babblers, White and Black Stork, Flamingos, Spoonbills, Bee Eaters, Black Headed Gull and Caspian Terns
  • Return back to the hotel by shuttle bus

from 130.00 JD Per Night Book now

Tickets to be purchased from the Front Desk prior to their visit to the Birds Observatory