The Bop

Aqaba Tala Bay | South Beach Road | Tala Bay Area | P.O. Box 2425 | 77110  Aqaba | Jordan
+962 3 209 0300 |

  • The Bop bar

The Bop

‘Bop’ is how our contractors pronounced the word “pub”. On completion, the general consensus was that the name was both funny and lovable and should be kept as it was pronounced. One of the most famous nightspots in Aqaba, The Bop features a live DJ who plays music until the early hours of the morning.



Key features

  • Nightspot and bar
  • DJ and music
  • Dance and drinks


Phone:+962 3 209 0300

Email : resort.aqaba.talabay

Opening hours

8.00 pm to 3.00 am

"Please note that this outlet is only open during Thursdays and Fridays during winter.  Mello and Siraj bars are open as alternative for your enjoyment"