Jordanian cuisine secrets

Jordanian cuisine secrets - Tala Bay

Jordan's cuisine is part of this distinctive culinary heritage, which have been valued for well over a thousand years. Jordanian traditional dishes and are rated among one of the finest foods in the Middle East and dishes content the health conscious because many of them are made with wheat grain, cheese, yogurt, fresh and dried fruits and vegetables. With the use of these grains and vegetables, meat goes a long way and even the simplest ingredients can produce amazingly eye-catching design.

Mövenpick Tala Bay guests will enjoy the experience of Jordanian Bedouin Culinary classes learning two to three Jordanian recipes like Mansaf, Sayadah and Maqloba.


  • Cooking classes: 5 minutes introduction and explanations about the Jordanian cuisine
  • - One hour cooking class with Jordanian recipes
  • - Testing of the dishes
  • - Souvenir apron and printed set of recipes

Minimum stay Three days ( two nights )