"Go Healthy" in Africa

"Go Healthy" is a new way of producing deliciously nutritious dishes that are not only good for our guests, but also supports local communities.

"Go Healthy" menus are available in all Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts in Africa, offering an array of culinary delights using healthy ingredients. The use of local products and sourcing seasonal ingredients are likewise key considerations in every hotel’s menu design. Over 80% of our products are sourced locally with a focus on fresh and seasonal ingredients.

"Go Healthy" + Dessert. Special offer for two or more persons enjoying the "Go Healthy" menu can enjoy a complimentary dessert in all hotels in the Africa area featuring the "Go Healthy" menu.


Enjoy the following "Go Healthy" recipes at some Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts in Africa or you can easily prepare them at home for a five star meal:

Antipasti Ramata Tomaten mit Balsamico

Chicken Breast Slices Poached in Lemon and Thyme with Asparagus, Cherry Tomato Confit and Olive

Seafood Omelette with Bean Sprouts

Seared King Prawn with Gazpacho Salad

Sugar Pea Soup with Truffle Foam