Istanbul is a city with a modern heart and an ancient soul, offering plenty of things to do. It’s a city that traces its history back nearly 10,000 years, but is also on the cutting-edge of the latest contemporary trends and fashions.

This amazing fusion makes it the perfect place to enjoy a holiday or a business trip, discovering not only a dynamic cultural synthesis but also some of the best shopping, dining and nightlife anywhere.

Istanbul Bridge


  • Blue Mosque

    One of the city’s greatest attractions, the Blue Mosque is a historical mosque that is famous for the blue tiles adorning its interior walls.

    • Constructed in the early 17th century
    • Known for the blue tiles on its interior walls
    • One of Istanbul’s greatest tourist attractions

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  • Dolmabahce Palace

    The Dolmabahce Palace is the first European-style palace in Istanbul and is where Ataturk died in 1938.

    • Ottoman Empire centre from 1853-1922
    • The first European-style palace in Istanbul
    • Final home of Turkey’s first president
  • Hagia Sophia

    Famous for its massive dome, the Hagia Sophia is now a museum and regarded as the epitome of Byzantine architecture.

    • A former basilica and mosque
    • Now a museum famous for its dome
    • Was the world’s largest cathedral until 1520
  • Topkapi Palace

    Decreed a museum in 1924, the Topkapi Palace was the official and primary residence of the Ottoman Sultans from 1465-1853.

    • Official residence of the Ottoman Sultans
    • Hosted state functions from the 15th century
    • Collections of porcelain, weapons and jewellery