Restaurants & Bars

Reserve your table at The Mövenpick restaurant located in front of the Mövenpick Hotel Nuremberg-Airport in the airport terminal where you’ll find a range of classic cuisine as well as international and typical Franconian delicacies.

Meanwhile the hotel bar is the perfect place to while away the evening over something from our wide selection of drinks and light snacks. 

Start your day after a comfortable night in one of our hotel rooms with our famous and comprehensive breakfast buffet with Swiss and regional products. We also offer an early-bird-breakfast for early risers.

Restaurants & Bars

Discover fine cuisine where culinary speciality meets Swiss hospitality. Our restaurants and bars serve up a variety of classic dishes, as well as regional and international delicacies. The famous Mövenpick Premium ice cream and fine wines from our cellar completes your experience. Start the day with our delicious breakfast buffet, or Early-bird breakfast for early risers or those with flights to catch.

Mövenpick restaurant