Sports and leisure

Münster is an ideal destination for the whole family – make it your own!

The Mövenpick Hotel Münster is directly located on the Aasee Lake. At the lake you can paddle, go pedal-boating, or relax on a round trip aboard the solar boat Solaaris. You can also rent the hotel's own bicycles for excursions to the nearby city centre or to explore more than 100 palaces, castles and country estates in the area. The all-season Zoo Münster provides "extraordinary animal experiences" all year round. More than 3,000 animals live in spacious naturalistic settings. Daily special highlights include the elephant and parrot feeding by the visitors and the penguin walk.

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Rowing and pedal-boat rides are possible on the lake.


In Münster you will find everything you could wish for during an exciting short stay: A city with plenty of history, viewing and sightseeing. Two eminent examples of this are the Pablo Picasso Graphic Museum and the LWL State Museum for Art and Cultural History.
Other cultural sightseeing opportunities are worth a visit. Just ask!
There is something for every taste. Here, you can find the museums of Münster at a glance ...

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Discovering Münster

Shopping opportunities

Shopping among the many walkable market districts will be a highlight of your stay.  Whether you prefer chic classics, high-fashion accessories or one-of-a-kind antiques - you will find shopping in Muenster as you will find nowhere else.

On the Prinzipalmarkt you will find elegant designer shops door-to-door

with exclusive jewellers, discriminating antique stores, owner-managed

specialized stores and individual boutiques. The Salzstrasse is a

colourful mixture of fashion and shoe stores, chain outlets, jewellery

and leather goods and stores offering home decor articles. Not only is

Ludgeristrasse the most-frequented shopping street in Münster, it is

also one of the top ten most attractive shopping miles in Germany!

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The Prinzipalmarkt - one of the top ten most attractive shopping miles in Germany!


Münster has more to offer than an attractive downtown!  A trip through the beautiful Münsterland pays off - the most impressive sights await you. Each of these destinations shines with their own identity.

Enjoy a fascinating journey on the comfortable, double-decker

Münsterbus, and be inspired by the stories of this friendly town full of

science, life and entertaining anecdotes. A detour to the Kreativkai,

Münsters nightlife boulevard at the city harbour, is not only to be

recommended on warm summer evenings. Visitors will find an exciting

combination of art and culture. StadtLupe has offered interesting

tourist programs in Münster for more than thirty years.

Münster for differently abled people - a visit without obstacles.

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Relax on a Münsterbus tour through the city