Body and soul - Food for thought

As part of the innovative Mövenpick Meetings & Events Programme, we are setting new standards in cuisine and have developed a food and beverage concept which nourishes the body and soul in a harmonious and enjoyable way. We are pleased to present the healthy and tasty creations of our hotels to you here on a regular basis.

We have started this new concept with Mövenpick Hotel Frankfurt City. Food & Beverage Manager Bianca Ziegler and Chef de cuisine have been working intensively on how they can offer their guests an unforgettable taste experience based on natural flavours and seasonal ingredients. The two passionate gastronomes have collated tips and ideas related to the following questions:

What is food for thought?

1. What is food for thought?

  • Fresh and healthy
  • Organically grown produce
  • Food that inspires and makes feel alive
  • Small portions – but several of them
  • Seasonal and local
  • Light yet filling
  • Contains many vitamins

What is fresh and healthy?

  • Vegetables
  • Fruit
  • Herbs
  • Fish
  • Poultry
  • Smoothies
  • Homemade health drinks

How are we turning our offer into an unforgettable taste experience?

  • We combine fruit, vegetables, herbs, fish, poultry and/or lean meat in a new and inspiring way
  • If possible, we only use seasonal produce
  • We use regional produce from sustainable production
  • We portion everything into small glasses so that guests are able to enjoy several taste experiences

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Using these principles, Bianca Ziegler and the chef de cuisine created different recipes for restaurant guests at the Mövenpick Hotel Frankfurt City. We would like to present two of the recipes, in order to give you a taste of food for thought – food that is in harmony with body and soul.

We wish you bon appétit and many surprising and healthy taste experiences at our hotels.