Sousse | Boulevard du 14 Janvier | 4039  Sousse | Tunisia
+216 73 202 000 |

  • True Nippon surroundings
  • Sushi bar
  • Live Teppanyaki cooking
  • Fresh sushi made to order


Taste of Japan

Taste authentic cuisine from the Empire of the Rising Sun at Sendai. Sample freshly-prepared sushi and sashimi, together with the delight of meat, seafood and other fresh ingredients cooked before your eyes at the Teppanyaki tables.

Japanese restaurant

The Sendai Restaurant offers sushi and teppanyaki.

This is a contemporary black and white Japanese venue with rich wooden flooring, clearly divided for Sushi on one side and Tepanyaki on the other side.

Discover the magic of Japan at the sushi counter; rising sun artwork decorates the walls and the cherry blossom masterpiece illuminates the entrance. In the Teppanyaki room, a gigantic painting of rough sea waves brings in the Nippon contemporary art.

Key Features

  • Picturesque setting
  • True Teppan experience
  • Freshly-made sushi


Mövenpick Resort & Marine Spa Sousse

Boulevard du 14 Janvier, PO Box 114

4039 Sousse


+216 73 202 000

Opening hours

Monday - Saturday 6.30 pm - 1.00 am

Closed on Sunday